2-Year-Old Girl Swims Like an Olympian Already (VIDEO)

toddler swimmingTaking a toddler to the pool can be a scary experience. When my son was 2, I armed him with floaties and goggles and obsessively hovered over him the entire time. Too overprotective? I didn't think so until I saw a video of a baby girl swimming on her own in a pool -- with no flotation device or parent in the water with her. I would be lying if I said there weren't some tense moments, but it's amazing to see.


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Her parents videotape her as she lets go of the edge and swims to the middle of the pool and back. When she's done, they don't reach in to pluck her out. Instead, they suggest she swim to the steps clear on the other side. It's tough for her. You see her struggle a bit, but she powers through. Take a look.

Many of us are reluctant to throw our toddlers into the deep end -- or even have them get into a pool without us on top of their every move. But this is proof just how capable even our littlest ones are. So cute. So impressive. Still, I have to say her parents are way more brave than I am. My son is now 4 and arguably a better swimmer than I am, yet I am still right in there with him.

Would you let your toddler do this on her own?


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