Navy Dad Gives Family Surprise Homecoming by Dressing as Diver in Aquarium Exhibit (VIDEO)

scuba It's a fish! It's a stingray! No! It's Navy Reservist Ryan Goodwin! Back from an eight-month deployment in Kuwait, Ryan wanted to surprise is soon-to-be stepdaughters by performing in one of the dive shows they were going to at the aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. Only problem is that the scuba mask was a great disguise, but too great -- Chloe, 11, didn't recognize her mom's fiance at first.

Though, as soon as Ryan mentioned her affinity for My Little Pony, Chloe and sister Cerri came around to the idea that it was actually him.



It was a very creative and very thoughtful gesture. The girls seemed pretty shocked by the whole thing and happy that he's home.

Something tells me Ryan's going to be amazing dad to these girls -- scuba diving surprises and Futurama marathons? This guy has all the right moves.

What do you think?


Photo via abc

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