12-Year-Old Girl Deemed 'Too Distracting' to Play on Boys Team (VIDEO)

Maddy PaigeI've heard it said a time or two that kids are perfect until adults screw them up. Considering stories about kindergartners accused of sexual harassment for hugging their classmates and parents getting up in arms about transgender 6-year-olds sharing bathrooms with their kids, I tend to believe it. And now here we are again. A 12-year-old girl named Maddy Paige wants to play football with the boys, but she's been kicked off the team.

The reason? The Georgia school's leaders reportedly won't let this girl play with boys because they're afraid Maddy's male classmates won't be able to control their "impure thoughts" and "urges."


Um, so they're afraid a bunch of seventh grade boys are going to be popping woodies right and left and end up tackling her on the field to hump the ever-living you-know-what out of her?

Hey! I didn't say it! That's what administrators at Strong Rock Christian School told Maddy's mom when they kicked her daughter off a team where she'd been starting defensive tackle. 

What they said is ridiculous.

But it's also rude.

Is this what these adults really think of these kids? That they have so little self-control? That they're such bad kids?

How sad is it that adults will so easily underestimate kids.

Because Maddy Paige's male classmates haven't had a problem with her yet. She calls the guys on her team her "best friends." These kids, boys and a girl, are doing just fine together without adults bringing their pre-conceived notions about what kids will be thinking or feeling into the mix.

Got that? The kids are FINE with it!

By and large, kids are. Watch a bunch of kindergartners on the playground. Male and female. Black and white. They play together, no questions asked.

Send a gay man in to lead a Boy Scout troop, and they happily make birdhouses with him. 

Tell a bunch of teenage boys they have to be in the same room as a girl, and they manage to control their erections! 

To my fellow adults, allow me to offer a wee bit of advice: next time you want to get worked up about something going on in your kid's life, stop. Think. Is this my kid's concern or is it really mine?

Do you think the schools' concerns hold water here or is it fine for this girl to play on a boy's team?

Image via 11 Alive

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