Bullied Gorilla Teaches Bratty Kids a Lesson They Won’t Forget (VIDEO)

gorillaHave you ever seen children doing something naughty or annoying and thought, "I just wish someone would teach those brats a lesson." Well, while visiting the Dallas zoo, just such a group of kids got their comeuppance. As a gorilla sat quietly, minding his own business, they taunted him, calling the poor primate "ugly" and yelling other rude things at it. Those little obnoxious visitors thought they were safe behind that protective glass until the creature unleashes his fury. Check it out.


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It's funny to see the how the primate tries to ignore the mean kids, glancing at them as though he could care less. Then, as the shouts grow louder and one boy points his finger in its face, the 400-pound animal suddenly snaps. Those kids nearly jumped out of their skin. It's hilarious.

They better be counting their lucky stars that fortified glass was there. You just know that gorilla was smirking to himself as he then sauntered away from the still shivering kids. I bet they will think twice before they harass a big beast like that in the future. With any luck, it will teach them a lesson that goes way beyond how to treat confined zoo animals. No one deserves to be taunted or made fun of. Let's hope they remember that.

Do you think these kids got what they deserved?


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