'Epic Baby Hair' Contest Starts Facebook Brawl Among Parents

epic baby hairI've seen some epic baby hair, but nothing like this. The blog Mommy Shorts held an "epic baby hair" contest recently, calling for parents to send in photos of their kids' crazy hair. But one astonishing photo drew criticism instead of props. A baby's "Annette Funicello" bouffant was so bodacious it attracted over 400 Facebook comments, some accusing mom, Sohalia El-Alami, of using a wig. J'accuse! Can you believe -- parents attacking each other over HAIR?


"IT'S NOT A WIG! It's her real hair!!!! I guess it's just so epic no one actually believes it! please be fair#," Sohalia responded. She ended up sending in more photos of her daughter, Layla, just to prove that really is all her hair. And wow -- yes it is. This kid's got mad locks. I think Sohalia may have done a little back-combing to get the bouffant, but Layla's got tons of thick, curly hair to begin with. 

So yeah, Layla won the contest. You know you've got epic baby hair when people accuse you of wearing a wig. And speaking of that, where was Sohalia supposed to get a baby-sized wig, anyway? When have you ever seen a baby wig? Or did people think she just glued some extensions on her baby's head? You lunatics!

IF you think you can resist taking this contest too seriously, you really have to see the top 100 baby hair contestants. Like I said, I've never seen such epic hair. And every last picture is just screamingly adorable. Go on, it's Friday. Spend the rest of the afternoon looking a the craziest baby hair you'll ever see.

What's the craziest baby hair you've ever seen?


Image via Facebook

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