Parents Say 3-Year-Old 'Volunteered' to be Bone Marrow Donor -- Yeah, Right (VIDEO)

bone marrowHaving a sick child is a parent's worst nightmare. Though for some, a miracle cure is found in a sibling. That is the case for 1-year-old Samantha Kessler, who was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called thalassemia. According to the parents, her 3-year-old big brother Jameson has volunteered to give his bone marrow. As they describe it, sounds like it was all the idea of this sweet-faced toddler.  Though, I bet these parents are not being totally truthful with us.


His family calls him a superhero -- and he most certainly is. That transplant will help Samantha avoid a life of anemia, monthly blood transfusions, and a short life expectancy. (It' so rare, only a 1000 people have thalassemia in the U.S. and they usually don't live past age 40.) Jameson put it best when he boasted, "I'll save her." He has even started calling himself "Marrow Man."

I think this is an amazing thing for this child to do. If there is a close family member in need, I think of this as more of a duty than a sacrifice. But it's doubtful that child made this serious medical decision without prodding from his parents.

I have to ask, why would they feel the need to make it seem as though he came to this very serious medical decision by himself? Is it to assuage their own guilt for putting their young child through this painful surgery? Fact of the matter is, no one would blame them for making Jameson help his sister. Most of us would do the exact same thing. He clearly wants to and that is what he should do. However, there is no way a 3-year-old could come to this conclusion on his own.


Do you think the parents pushed Jameson to donate his bone marrow?

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