Baby Declared Dead 'Comes Back to Life' in Its Funeral Box

jesus raysThe doctors said they did everything they could, but the baby born at just 30 weeks in a Philippines hospital could not be saved. Medics declared the newborn dead, and informed the distraught family to make funeral plans. They handed the baby over to relatives in a carton box and an aunt was told to wait outside for the hearse to come.

What happens next is as horrifying as it is uplifting.


While waiting for the car, the aunt said she heard a baby's cry and was shocked and terrified to learn that the little noise was coming from the box.

Relatives then rushed the baby inside to the emergency room. It was put in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit and provided incubation and oxygen. There are no guarantees that the child will survive, but at the very least, there's now hope.

The family, naturally, is livid with the hospital. Who declares a baby dead when, in fact, it's not? They're also unimpressed by the care the hospital has provided post-resurrection, but on some level, if not most, you know they have to be ecstatic the baby is actually alive.

The roller-coaster of emotions was likely extremely intense, but at the end of the day, the news is good: the baby has a chance at survival.

And believe it or not, the family has other examples with which to comfort themselves. In February, a baby who was declared dead came back to life 2 hours later. In November, an infant was declared dead in utero, but was born alive. And last year, a mother who was declared dead gave birth to twins 6 weeks later.

The miracle of life will never cease to amaze. It will always find a way.

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Photo via Keoni Cabral/Flickr

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