Heartless Bullies Are Preying on Kids With Food Allergies in the Worst Way Possible

peanut butter sandwichBullying. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, kids go and find yet another horrifying way to torment -- and possibly endanger -- their peers. And as the mom of a kid with food allergies, I find this new "trend" (for lack of a better word) particularly alarming: Apparently schools and parents are reporting a rise in the number of kids bullying other kids with severe food allergies by "plotting to switch a child’s lunch to see if she gets sick, for example, or spitting milk at a child’s face and causing a swift anaphylactic reaction."

It's like the lunchroom version of biological warfare, and it makes me ill to think about.


For so many kids, a bite of the wrong sandwich or sip from the wrong thermos can result in near fatal reactions; my daughter had a friend in kindergarten whose skin would actually blister if a drop of milk spilled on him. I can't even imagine what would've happened to that kid if somebody sprayed a mouthful of milk sprayed in his face! Likewise, I can't bring myself to consider how sick my son could get if he accidentally ate a peanut butter cookie at school ... though knowing there's an Epi-Pen with his name on it in the school nurse's office is a comfort.

How to deal with the consequences of food allergen bullying isn't really the issue, though -- the big issue, in my opinion, is that there are kids out there who seem to think nothing of preying on other kids' extreme vulnerabilities. You can't treat a mean streak with an Epi-Pen.

Does your child have a food allergy? Are you worried about this kind of bullying?


Image via David Rader II/Flickr

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