Parents Who Let Daughter Pose Eating 'Dog Poo' Should Be Ashamed

dog poop billboardPeople who don't pick up their dog's poop are some of the laziest, slimiest people alive. Really, there's no excuse good enough nor deterrent strong enough ... or so I thought. A poster aimed to shock people into picking up after their pets' waste is so foul and so disturbing, it's definitely gone overboard.

In the poster promoted by the Bristol City Council in the UK, a toddler is shown with something brown all over her hands and mouth at a playground. At first it looks like it could be a fudgesicle, or some chocolate frosting, or some other sweet treat enjoyed by this little girl. Then you see the pile of poop at the bottom, and it's clear what has just happened. 

The text reads: "Children Will Put Anything in Their Mouths." Ewwwwww! It goes on to warn people they'll be fined if they don't pick up after their pets, and encourages people to report offenders.


Sometimes shock tactics in advertising can be pretty clever and just what's needed to convey a message. And this is a good message. The method, however, is just so wrong. I'm sure it was chocolate or something yummy used in the shoot, but the image it conveys is just nauseating.

Can you imagine letting your child star in an advertisement like that? I know some people want nothing more than to see their children as stars, but it shouldn't happen like this.

A child this age has no concept of what she is doing, and for a parent to pimp her out for whatever reason as the "dog poop girl" is just irresponsible. I suppose you could argue that it's for a good cause, but that's simply not enough to make up for the potential mocking and torment this child could face in later years when her peers get a hold of it. 

Not that casting agents are beating down our doors, but I'm not sure I'm down with my kids doing any kind of modeling at a young age before they fully understand the gig. If I do let them, it certainly would be for something less disgusting than this, like ... anything.

Would you let your kids star in an advertisement like this?


Image via Bristol City Council

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