5-Year-Old Girl's Lemonade Stand Teaches Hateful Church a Lesson About Love

Jayden SinkThey say location is everything, and it's definitely the beauty of 5-year-old Jayden Sink's lemonade stand. She put out her shingle right across from the headquarters of the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, and last week she started selling Pink Lemonade for Peace.

Brilliant. According to The Huffington Post, at $1 a glass, she raised hundreds of dollars in just one day, plus more through an online campaign set up through Crowd Rise (currently $10,000 has been donated). And oh boy is Westboro steamed. Apparently they tried to find any way they can to stop her, including calling the police and even yelling profanities at her and her customers. But Jayden stood strong, and the customers kept coming.


Her stand is set up in front of Planting Peace's "Equality House" -- an intentionally placed rainbow-colored building about 20 feet from Westboro. Its mission is to support orphanages and work around the world to help poverty-stricken children. All of Jayden's proceeds will be donated to the organization.

She said when her parents told her about the significance of the building and that the church across the street promoted hate, she wanted to do something to help. So lemonade it was. What incredible initiative from someone so young. Her parents must be so very proud.

I don't normally go around quoting Whitney Houston songs, but she said it well in her song "Greatest Love of All": "Teach them well, and let them lead the way." Jayden has clearly been taught well.

As Davis Hammet, director of Operations at Planting Peace, said:

Jayden represents the natural humanity we are born with. We come into this world compassionate, caring beings and only become hateful if we are taught to be.

Lead on, Jayden.

How cool is this?


Image via Crowd Source

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