Cops Get Called When Pink Changes Her Baby's Diaper in Public (VIDEO)

PinkWhat would you do if a stranger tried to take a picture of you changing your baby's diaper? You'd probably think it was some pervert and go all mama bear on him. Well, welcome to the life of a celebrity. Their every move is recorded by paparazzi -- and that includes such moments as when you're wiping your toddler's poopy privates. That's apparently what happened to rock star Pink, when she and hubby Carey Hart were out at a mall with a friend of theirs. And things got uglier than a baby's chafed butt.


TMZ recorded the aftermath of a fight that broke out between the nosy photographer, Pink's husband motocross racer Carey, and Carey's friend. Pink seems to have left the scene, though that might be her with a head wrap walking with a toddler in the middle of the video.

At one point in the video, Carey's friend leans over and kicks the photographer's camera off the bench it's on. The cops finally come and it looks like they take photos of the pap's face.

The pap later accuses Carey's friend of kneeing him the balls, "and the sheriffs didn't do nothin'!" he yells.

That could be because word has it that the cameraman was trying to snap a pic of Pink changing 2-year-old daughter Willow Sage's diaper. I get that celebs basically sign up for a lifetime of harassment when they chase fame and fortune, but it seems like the paps cross more and more boundaries every moment. They're constantly threatening celebs and putting them in real danger.

But taking a pic of a baby's crappy diaper is a whole new low. I can't blame Pink's friend for going a little ballistic. Makes you wonder if the friend was part bodyguard. Amazing that Carey managed to stay as calm as he did.

Paps really need to be reined in. What would you have done?

Image via Splash News

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