6-Year-Old Hero Goes to Amazing Lengths to Save His Family From Fire (VIDEO)

tyler taylor

Whoa! Doesn't it blow your mind when kids turn out to be tiny heroes in very serious situations? Then just wait until you hear about a 6-year-old who saved his family from a fire after waking up in the middle of the night and smelling smoke in his Florida home.

Tyler Taylor could've easily panicked when he realized that a fire had broken out, but instead, he calmly woke up his great-grandmother to alert her -- and she and his other family members managed to escape through the back door of the house.

And you can only imagine how scared that little boy must have been, which is why what he did next will absolutely amaze you.


As you will hear in this video clip, after the family ran out of the house, Tyler ran BACK INSIDE to make sure his brother got out safely.

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Are you believing this kid? What 6-year-old escapes a burning home -- and then willingly goes back because one of his siblings is unaccounted for?

And put yourself in his great-grandmother's shoes for a second. Wouldn't you absolutely freak if your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, whatever -- ran back into a fire right in front of your very eyes? I'd probably pass out if I saw something like that take place, as most moms would.

This kid definitely deserves to be hailed as a hero, in more ways than one. He may be just a little boy, but something must have instinctively come out in him to make him take charge and help his family out of what could've been a very tragic situation.

Do you think your own child would do something like this?


Image via WKMG6

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