24 Sets of Twins in 5th Grade at 1 School Attempting to Earn World Record (VIDEO)

Luke and Ryan NovoselEven though multiples have become more common over the years with the increased use of fertility medications, there's still something about twins that is fascinating. So just imagine how fascinating Highcrest Middle School in Wilmette, Illinois, is with 24 sets of twins in one grade alone.

The school believes it has set a world record for the most sets of twins in one grade. This was discovered by twins, of course -- Luke and Ryan Novosel, who, according to the Associated Press, were on a mission to find a way into the Guinness Book of World Records. When pogo sticking and burping didn't pan out, they started looking around their school and started noticing there were tons of twins -- all in the fifth grade.

In all, they found three sets of boy-boy twins, 11 sets of girl-girl twins, and 10 sets of boy-girl twins. That made for 24 sets in all, which blew away the current record of 16.


So with the help of their parents, the Novosel twins submitted an application to Guinness, along with birth certificates, photos, other proof. They're hoping to get the official title later this month.

I love that the boys took the initiative to get this award for their school. It's one of those things that they'll be able to boast of their entire lives, and what a fun process for the students to witness. It's small talk fodder for the rest of their lives: "You know I'm in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' ..."

As for going to school with that many twins, as cool as it is, I'm sure it's also a tad bit confusing. Talk about seeing double. Even fraternal twins in my kids' classes often keep me guessing, so those teachers have to be on their toes.

Do your kids have lots of twins in their classes?

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