Mom Delivers 2 Sets of Identical Twins in 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lowrie and Kenny CarrKenny Carr met Lindsay Lowrie at his brother's wedding early in 2012, and they started dating. When they talked about their future together, he told her he wanted four boys someday. Little did he know he'd get all four at once, and so soon.

In a shocking ultrasound in November, they got the news. First doctors saw one baby, then two, then it became apparent they'd be an instant family of six. 

At first they were stunned. "I was shocked. I had no idea how I was gonna do it, if I could even carry four. I had no idea how I was gonna do it," Lowrie, 20, told WKYC. But she did it.


In April, Lowrie delivered four baby boys -- two sets of identical twins. First came Kenneth and Colton, then Bentley and Griffin, and it all happened in about two minutes. The odds of such an occurrence are sky high -- 70 million to one. Incredible.

Perhaps even more shocking, according to USA Today, is the fact that they used no fertility drugs. The whole pregnancy was a complete surprise. Talk about getting more you than expected. You think about couples who get pregnant with one unplanned baby and the major adjustment that can be. But four when you weren't even planning on one?! That's just mind blowing.

The babies came early, at just 28 weeks; their original due date was July 10. They're still in the hospital gaining weight and growing, but they're doing well and expected to go home in late July.

As for the parents, they still seem a bit shocked, but thrilled as well. "As my mom said, 'You hit the baby lottery," Lowrie said. She said they feel "really blessed and wouldn't have it any other way." Quadruply blessed, that is.

Can you imagine having four surprise babies all at once?


Image via USA Today

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