Moms Get in Brawl at Elementary School Talent Show -- Classy (VIDEO)

moms brawlWelp, these two women tie for Most Embarrassing Mom of the Year. At an elementary school talent show in St. Cloud, Florida, two moms got into a brawl with each other. It all started when Latisha James stood up to take a photo of her daughter in the show. Jessica Tyler told her she was blocking her view and asked her to sit down. Things got ugly, fast, and next thing anyone knew, Jessica knocked over Latisha's 3-year-old daughter and Latisha was grabbing for Jessica's throat.

From there it was all cussing and ripping out hair and wrestling and a big hot mess. Each woman blames the other, of course, because that's how a grown-ass woman takes responsibility for her actions. Oh yes, I'm judging both of these ladies. Who behaves this way in front of their kids?


Latisha was arrested and charged with battery. Both moms have been banned from school grounds. Jessica could face charges, too. Jessica says she feels like a victim because now she can't attend her daughter's graduation. At least that night in jail helped knock some sense into Latisha. She later said, "I didn't go to the school with the intention of messing up the show or putting my hands on anybody. I don't behave like that. I cannot say how much, how remorseful I am. I am totally remorseful. I've never been to jail before." 

I don't behave like that. Apparently you do, Latisha! But hopefully this is the last time for both women. Aren't we parents supposed to be modeling for our children how to manage conflict peacefully? I won't go into how each woman should have handled this situation because I think we all have a pretty good idea. You've dealt with rudeness before, right? And you've noticed that if you react with rudeness, usually things just escalate? 

I don't feel sorry for Jessica or Latisha. Both should be ashamed of themselves now. I feel sorry for their kids. Oh the humiliation of going back to school the day after your mother went apeshit and wrestled with another mom at the talent show. Ladies ("Ladies" -- I should probably put that in ironic quotes), we can do so much better. Have some dignity.

Okay, with that bit of self-righteousness out of the way, you KNOW you want to see how this all went down. Here it is. Thanks, other parent who caught it all on video.

Have you ever seen parents fight with each other in public? Have you ever done it?


Image via ViralBlasts/YouTube

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