Runner Goes to ER for Pulled Muscle & Finds Out She's About to Give Birth

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Whoa! You guys aren't going to believe this story -- where do I begin? A mom in Duluth, Minnesota got the shock of her life earlier this week when she went to the emergency room with what she believed to be a strained muscle -- and found out she was actually about to give birth.

Mom of three Trish Staine was in the middle of a two-hour training session on Sunday for an upcoming half-marathon, and at the end of her run, she wound up with her back being all sore.

She waited to go to the hospital until Monday and figured when she got there, the doctors would probably tell her she'd pulled something. And you can only imagine her state of disbelief when she found out she was not only pregnant -- but that she was due to deliver the exact same day.


She had no clue she'd been expecting since she hadn't gained any weight and never felt a baby moving inside of her. And oh yeah, I should probably mention that her husband had a vasectomy, so conceiving is not exactly something they were considering.

Wait -- her story gets even more amazing. She delivered her baby girl on Monday afternoon, and guess what she and her husband named her?

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Mira. Because it's short for miracle.

OMG. Doesn't that give you chills?!? And can you think of a more fitting name for a baby who is a true miracle in every sense of the word? I mean, the kid still managed to be born despite a vasectomy and her mom not even realizing she was pregnant, so it's obvious that she was meant to be a part of their family.

And you gotta admit, her story should provide some relief to women who are worried about exercising throughout their pregnancies and whether or not it's safe for them and the baby. Here she was, training for a half-marathon and not even realizing she was carrying a baby, and everything turned out just fine. We should always talk to our doctors first, of course, since every case is different. But her experience does offer a bit of comfort to women who want to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, right?

Her little "Mira"-cle is definitely cause for celebration. But just to be on the safe side, I'm thinking it's probably a good idea for her husband to ask his vasectomy doctor for a full refund. (Or at least a do-over.)

Can you see how labor pain could be confused as a pulled muscle?


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