Mom Gives Birth to 3 Sets of Twins (VIDEO)

3 sets twins

Most women are shocked and over-the-moon when they find out they're pregnant with twins, but do you know anyone who has had more than one set? It may be pretty hard to believe, but a mom in Scotland just delivered twins for the third time -- adding two baby girls to her brood of four boys.

Karen Rodger and her husband Colin decided they wanted to try for "just one more" baby and give their two sets of twin boys, 14-year-old Lewis and Kyle and 12-year-old Finn and Jude, a sibling. And then they got two sisters -- Rowan and Isla.


Um, do you even want to know what the odds are of having three sets of twins? One in 500,000. Heck, even Karen's husband thought she was kidding when she called to tell him she had not one, but two more babies on the way.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about this woman's amazing special delivery. She certainly has her hands full, but wow -- seeing all six of her kids together is such a beautiful sight. (And wait 'til you hear the sweet words Colin had to say about his wife. What a guy.)


Do you think you could handle having twins -- more than once?

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