Dog Brings Home Abandoned Baby & Family Hopes to Adopt Her

tiny handOMG. What I'm about to tell you is SO gonna give you chills. A family in Thailand literally had a newborn baby left on their doorstep -- by none other than their own dog.

Ok, well the baby was actually found on their patio, not their doorstep. (Same thing, right?) The parents' 12-year-old daughter heard the dog barking, and when she went to see what all the noise was about, she saw a white plastic bag -- and found a newborn baby girl inside of it with her umbilical cord still attached.

Yes, the dog rescued this poor abandoned baby and brought her home -- almost like he instinctively knew his family would be able to help her. The girl immediately ran to get her parents, who rushed the baby to the hospital.

Wait -- here's where the "chills" part really comes into play.


The girl's mom called the Red Cross office -- because they want to adopt the baby. You guys, is this not one of the most beautiful things you've ever heard?

They'll have to wait until police investigate the case further, and also for the baby's condition to stabilize since she was born prematurely -- but these parents want to take her home with them and make her part of their family.

Wow. Are you loving the idea of them adopting her? It's like she was meant to be their daughter all along, which is why fate intervened and their dog found her and brought her home -- where she belongs.

The minute my son was born, I knew instantly that he was mine -- that I was meant to be his mom and he was meant to be my child, almost like we'd chosen each other or something. And I'm sure adoptive parents feel exactly the same way the first time they see their babies and hold them in their arms. It's like everything suddenly makes sense, and you just can't imagine not having that child in your life.

And I can only imagine that's how this mom and dad feel. They bonded with that baby the minute she was brought to them, and they likely can't imagine her going home with anyone other than them. Think about it for a second -- can you picture rescuing a baby like that and then never seeing her again? That would be torture.

For their sake, as well as the well-being of that precious baby, I sure hope their wish is granted and they're allowed to bring her home with them once and for all. How much more obvious can destiny be than a baby being left on your doorstep?

Can you imagine giving a baby up if she were left at your home?


Image via andrewmalone/Flickr

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