Pregnant Mom Forced to Be Her Own Nurse, Midwife & ER Doc During Scary Roadside Delivery (VIDEO)

footWow. Of all the places you think you'll wind up giving birth, somehow I'm guessing the highway isn't something that comes to mind for most of us. But one mom from Utah didn't really have much of a choice -- and wound up delivering twins on I-80 because she couldn't make it to the hospital in time.

Lynette Hales was on a trip to Nevada when she woke up and realized she was in labor, something that was totally unexpected, considering she was 30 weeks along and not due until August. She and the friend she was traveling with hopped in the car and did their best to get to the hospital, but things didn't quite pan out -- so they pulled over on the side of the interstate so Lynette could give birth.


And as you will hear in this video clip, things got pretty scary when her first baby boy, J.J., came out and was not breathing.


OMG. Is this woman a real super mom or what? As if delivering two babies in a car wasn't difficult enough, she actually had the presence of mind to perform CPR on her son to get him breathing again. Amazing.

And it's so wonderful to hear that both of her babies are going to be ok, but her experience raises an important question. When should women stop traveling during their pregnancies?

Experts on WebMD offer a few different opinions as far as safe pregnancy travel goes, but the general consensus seems to be that it's something you need to discuss with your doctor -- because everyone's case and situation is different.

When I was pregnant, I remember as soon as I entered my final trimester, I was really nervous about venturing too far from home. We lived out in Denver at the time, and I took one final trip to Pittsburgh for my baby shower right around my seventh month -- but after that, I stayed put. I was just so afraid that I'd wind up going into labor early, and I didn't want to be forced to deliver my baby far away from home -- or by someone other than my own OB-GYN.

And even though I always assumed I'd wind up delivering in a hospital, no matter where I was -- I guess there was always that small worry in the back of my mind that labor would set in while we were in a car, plane, or other mode of transportation. It's a risk I just wasn't willing to take and it's a good thing I didn't -- because I'm not sure I would've been able to handle myself as calmly and efficiently as this mom did.

One thing's for sure, as her boys grow up, road trips will never quite be the same again -- especially if she winds up cruising down I-80. But I wonder if she will take them back there one day to show them where they made their entrance into the world? (Wow. That'll bring back memories, all right.)

Are you planning on stopping traveling at some point during your pregnancy?


Image via Family O'Abé/Flickr

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