4-Year-Old Girl Reported Missing Found Playing Best Game of Hide & Seek Ever

missing girl under bedA tense couple hours ended happily for a family in California last night after they reported their 4-year-old daughter missing. They searched for hours only to find her playing quite the successful game of hide and go seek. She was under the bed. For hours.

Apparently she is fond of "hiding" and apparently she is also really, really good at it.

Relief, yes. But also anger, man. As the mom of a 4-year-old, I am pretty sure my son knows better than to pull that kind of game with me. And to hide for hours? Oh man. That kid has some explaining to do.

Richmond police started searching for the girl after she vanished around 5 p.m. and it was around midnight by the time she was found. That means for SEVEN hours, her poor family suffered. I can't even imagine.

All is well that ends well, though and the looks on the faces of her family -- the palpable relief -- were enough to make anyone's heart melt. This could have had a much worse ending.


Luckily at four, she is probably still too innocent to know the pain and fear she caused in those she loves. But I have no doubt that this story will become family lore and that she will one day realize just what she put her family through.

Until then, though, I am just so happy this is a story with a funny/happy twist. But just so we are clear: Hide and Seek will have a safe word in my family from now on.

Do you think a 4-year-old knows better than this?


Image via evan p. cordes /Flickr

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