Helicopter Mom Rents Hotel Room So Kid Can Lose His Virginity

mom rents hotel room for teenNobody really wants to think about their kid having sex, right? We all know it's going to happen at some point -- especially if we want grandkids -- but it's not like we lie in bed at night thinking about how they're going to lose their virginity. That should all be on the kid's shoulders, right? I said, right? 

All right, pop quiz time. Would you go out and rent a hotel room for your teenager so he and his girlfriend can finally lose their virginity?


My gut says no. Never. I just can't get THAT involved in my kid's life!

But one mom did just that. At 19, her son is too young to rent a hotel room, so she did it for him (with his money). She says it's "great" that he waited so long, so she had no problem helping him get his freak on.

You know, I could say to each his own and move on here. But this mom opted to share her story. She's looking for approval.

And I just can't do it.

I don't care that her son is 19 and therefore legally an adult. He's still her kid. And there are lines we don't cross with our kids, some facets of their lives that need to remain their own.

I know that one day my daughter will morph from sweet and innocent into sexual being, but that's on her. We'll talk and talk and talk some more about condoms and the pill and the right to say no and love vs. lust. But the actual big night is all up to her and her partner.

ALL of it.

It has to be that way because our sexual lives are ultra personal. They can't be decided upon by anyone else, and that includes our own parents. I just don't know when someone else is "ready" to have sex or how someone else feels deep down inside about another human being, not even my daughter.

At some point, folks, we need to cut the apron strings. Our kids will have sex, and we have to hope that we educated them well enough to do it safely. Anything more is, well, it's just too much parental involvement.

What would you have done? Would you rent a hotel room for your kid to have sex?


Image via boon chuan low/Flickr

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