Dad's Encounter With Sleepless 2-Year-Old Looks Wacky When Reenacted With a Grown Man (VIDEO)

convos with my 2 year oldParents, hold onto your pullups. There's a new Convos With My 2-Year-Old episode out already! We loved the first one, about two-year-old Coco who won't let Daddy talk to Mommy because Mommy is the princess (OBVS) reenacted with an adult man playing the two-year-old girl. Well Matthew Clark and David Milchard the man-child are back. Coco is as illogical and deadpan as ever. And this time she won't go back to bed without a story.

Oh we've all been there before -- but Coco takes it to a reeeealy weird place. Why? Because she's two, that's why. If you thought the first Convos video was funny, the joke gets pushed even farther this time and things get really awkward. But still totally true to life.


Yeah... I bet you didn't expect to see a grown man tickle another grown man in his underwear today, did you? But you did. And I kind of want to watch again. But more than that, I can't wait for more episodes.

If you missed it, watch episode 1 of Convos With My 2-Year-Old.

Who's the boss in your house?


Image via ConvosWith2YrOld/YouTube

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