Toddlers at the Car Wash: The Horror! (VIDEOS)

toddler car washIs there anything more terrifying than a car wash -- especially if you're just a little 2-year-old? I don't think so! You drive slowly into the dark cave. There's a WHOOSH, and water shoots at you from every direction. There's the sound of thunder and pounding. Suddenly, bristly monsters come out from nowhere and start attacking the windows. It's like they're trying to get in! Why is it all so LOUD? With all that water, you just know you're going to get wet, any minute now. Have we been gobbled by some gigantic creature? Are we inside its mouth? Are we all going to DIE?!?

Oh my God, no wonder toddlers freak out whenever you drive through the car wash. I'm a little frightened by them, too! Check out these hilarious/heartbreaking videos of toddlers experiencing the horror that is ... THE CAR WASH.


All that kid can do is hide his eyes, poor thing. Now watch this little guy stare in disbelief as he witnesses the horror for the first time -- and then freakin' loses it.

Poor Jaden is scared she's about to see Jesus because look what's happening. NO!

Angry fringe things attacking the car! No, Mommy, that is NOT just like your hair.

The very thought of going through the car wash brings this kid to tears.

The horror, the horror!

Wow, is it me, or does anyone else feel like they need a little quiet time with their blankie? And a glass of wine. Man, the car wash. That is one scary show.

Is your kid afraid of the car wash?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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