Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets & She Doesn't Know How Easy She Has It

diapersA mom in Utah is counting her blessings times five, after delivering quintuplets over Memorial Day weekend. Guillermina Garcia and her husband Fernando were delighted when their babies were born healthy at 31 1/2 weeks, which is about three weeks longer than most women wind up carrying quintuplets.

And even though little Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jordan will remain in the hospital for the next six weeks or so, all signs point to them growing up to lead happy and healthy lives.

Good grief. FIVE babies. All at once. Can you even imagine?


I mean, it was tough enough having one -- changing diapers all day, doing feedings every couple of hours, trying to squeeze in a few zzz's in between middle of the night crying sessions. But five? How on earth is anyone able to handle five?!?

On second thought -- maybe having multiples is actually much easier than trying parent only one newborn. (Hear me out.)

First of all, you're pretty much off the hook as far as the pressure to breastfeed exclusively goes. Um, news flash. Mommy only has two breasts. And there are only 24 hours in a day, and since you're supposed to feed a baby every couple of hours or so, breastfeeding all five is virtually impossible. Hello formula, bye-bye anyone giving you a tough time about not offering up the boob.

And another natural parenting dilemma gets thrown out the window too -- the decision of whether or not to try cloth diapering. With five little tushes to change countless times a day? Bring on the disposables. No question. (Who has time for that much laundry?)

How about trying to find new ways to calm down a fussy baby? I know when my son was a newborn, I would've tried just about everything to make him stop crying during the "witching hour" every night. But somehow I'm guessing as the mom of five, there's so much noise happening in the house all day long that you get to a point where you really don't even notice anymore.

Yeah, I'm thinking having five might be a lot less stressful than most of us would probably assume. This mom is way luckier than she even realizes.

(But I'm still glad I only had one.)

Do you think there are ways in which multiples are easier than having just one baby?


Image via ewen and donabel/Flickr

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