Photos of Woman Giving Birth Outside Hospital Go Viral (VIDEO)

woman gives birth outside hospitalAmy Beth Cavaretta was so close to the birth she'd planned, but she ended up delivering her daughter in a way very far from any scenario she'd ever imagined. The Boca Raton, Florida, mom thought everything was going according to plan when she went into labor with her second child last Friday morning and called her midwife to meet her at the hospital. When they arrived there, however, things quickly went awry.

According to Today, just as Cavaretta was about to walk through the front doors of the hospital, she realized there wasn't time to go any farther. "The baby's coming!" she shouted, as she felt the head emerging. And sure enough, the baby was coming, right then.


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So there, with the help of her midwife, Laurie Ross-Berke, Cavaretta delivered her daughter, Sienna Grace, while seated in a wheelchair on the sidewalk just steps outside the hospital. While it was a fast and furious delivery, Cavaretta seems unfazed by the circumstances.

Women are born to have babies, that's why we have this anatomy. I'm a firm believer in natural child birth ... so I wasn't afraid. I just knew we were going to do this, and I was in good hands.

Among the most spectacular aspects of this story is that the couple's friend, Emily Robinson, was there to capture the whole experience in pictures, which have since gone viral. She wrote on her blog:

Dad rounded up a wheelchair and it was the first time I ever saw a mother be wheeled INTO the hospital holding her new baby. Usually that happens a couple of days later, and the wheelchair ride is the way out ... Baby Sienna is absolutely perfect and beautiful. Big sis got to come by and say hello and give her a kiss. It was the fastest, most incredible, beautiful, wild birth I’ve ever had the pleasure to document.

As both Amy and her husband, Joe, are photojournalists, it's especially fitting that they should have this incredible experience documented. You can see more of the amazing shots in the following video.

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Can you imagine giving birth outside of a hospital?


Image via Today

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