Dad Turns 4-Year-Old Girl Into a Total Geek & Couldn't Be Prouder (VIDEO)

girl in car seatHaving a 9-year-old son, I have some knowledge of superheroes, but I'll go ahead and admit that the 4-year-old in this video, Mia Grace, knows more about comic books than me, my son, and most you put together.

Her dad asks her a series of questions, and from the name of Thor's brother to what makes up Captain America's shield, she nails them one after another. At first, it's like, okay, she memorized a few, but as they go on, you realize how deep her knowledge goes. And how much this tickles her father. I have no clue what she's talking about for a good chunk of it, but she's so adorable, it really doesn't matter.



I love how the dad is so excited and proud of her knowledge. Clearly he's a fan too and has passed his love of comics on to her. I imagine they have spent many hours reading and discussing them. When mom interrupts them at the end and tells dad they're going on four minutes, you can tell he could have gone on all day.

We all have passions and interests that we pass on to our children ... or at least try to do so. Whether it's music, sports, or other hobbies, it's so fun to share a passion with them and watch them embrace something we love. For me, books are a big one. When my son reads a book I devoured as a child and gets as excited as I did, it's incredible. We may not have a cute video recording it, but it's special nonetheless.

What passions do you share with your children?


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