Newborn Twins Hold Hands Minutes After Being Born (VIDEO)

twins holding handsWe like to think twins have a special connection throughout their whole lives. After all, they shared the womb together. But I've never seen a twin connection like this! A set of newborn twins spontaneously began holding hands when they were placed next to each other. They're facing away from each other, but their little hands are clasped together. A lucky nurse happened to catch the amazing moment with a photo.

Daniel and Maria were delivered by C-section. Just minutes after they were born, Dr. Javier Rodriguez says, "They naturally held hands," in a way he describes as "instinctive." But this was the first time he'd seen anything like this. Aww, aren't you just dying over this photo?


Here's something interesting about this -- since twins each get their own amniotic sac, Daniel and Maria weren't able to actually touch each other in the womb, though they could sense each other. So it's not like they were practicing before! And since they're newborns, and their world is still very fuzzy and disorganized, it's not like at this point they would even recognize each other as twins, or related, or anything that concrete. Like all twins, all they know is that there has always been this other person with them.

Do you think when they reached back, they were trying to reach for that presence they'd been sensing all this time? Or was it just an accident that they both happened to reach back at the same time and join hands? Despite all we know, twins are still a little bit mysterious to us. Especially as newborns.

Anyway, hope that twin handshake means they'll stay close throughout their whole lives.

Do you think most twins have a special connection other siblings don't?



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