Miraculous Newborn Helps His Parents Recover From Devastating Brain Injuries

baby handHearing the news that you are about to become parents is definitely exciting and also a little bit scary at the same time. Especially if you suffer from some sort of debilitating condition that makes everyday life a whole lot harder than it should be.

When Louise and Geraint Jones found out they were pregnant, they were pretty afraid of what the future held. Before getting married, both of them had suffered brain injuries, which left them each with a degree of memory loss.

Louise had been hit by a car and wound up with a fractured skull, and Geraint was attacked by two men, kicked in the head, and left for dead. The couple met at a support group for people with head injuries in 2008, got married in 2011, and the rest is history.


But even though they were worried about how well they'd fare with raising a child after learning they were expecting, they decided to go for it, and their son Cian made his entrance into the world back in March.

And so far, he's proved to be a miracle for Louise and Geraint in more ways than one.

Thanks to their beautiful new baby, both of them are starting to regain some of their memories -- to the point where Geraint has gone from having to give himself 90 reminders a day to do certain tasks to only 3 or 4. (Whoa.)

As far as what about having a baby in the house has turned things around for the two of them? Geraint explains:

When it comes to him we have the same schedule every day because he is regular as clockwork. Not only is he the happy son we would have wished for, but when it comes to his needs I remember to do everything I need to for him. I just know exactly when to feed him, cuddle him and when to take him out in his pushchair. With such a little person to look after, my brain seems to have switched into a higher gear. I don’t just feel like a new father, I feel like a new man, thanks to my little boy.

Louise adds, "We soon settled into a routine with Cian. He keeps us disciplined and all those worries we once had just went away."

For whatever reason, having this tiny person that they are responsible for and carrying out the same routine roughly every day has given these parents back something they probably never thought was possible. And that's just downright amazing.

I'm one of those "everything happens for a reason" kind of people. I don't think anything in our lives occurs by chance, and it's obvious to me that this couple was meant to meet at that support group -- and they were destined to have baby Cian, their little miracle worker.

And with any luck, having him in their lives will only help strengthen their memories even further, so that someday they can tell him all the details about how his mommy and daddy met, fell in love, welcomed him into the world -- and learned how to remember it all in the process.

(Don't you just love a happy ending?)

How has your baby changed your life?


Image via kellinahandbasket/Flickr

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