Brave 5-Year-Old Boy Uses the Alphabet to Save His Dad's Life (VIDEO)

boy save dad It's tough to stay calm in an emergency -- I know more than a few adults who have a hard time keeping a level head when things go haywire. So the way 5-year-old Nathaniel Dancy Jr. responded when his dad got violently ill behind the wheel is nothing short of amazing. Thirty-three-year-old Nathaniel Dancy Sr. was driving his son home from a shopping trip for school shoes when he suffered an aneurysm and stroke. Somehow, miraculously, Nathaniel Sr. managed to pull over -- but he couldn't speak or move. That's when Nathaniel Jr. took over, grabbing his dad's cellphone and calling his grandma, Susan Hardy-Blackman. As soon as Grandma heard that Nathaniel Jr. and his daddy were in trouble, she had one foot out the door (being a grandma and all), but there was one major problem: Nathaniel Jr. had no idea where he and his father were.


Luckily, the little boy had been paying attention in his kindergarten class. When Hardy-Blackman conferenced in his mom, Janel Blackman, and asked him to look around and describe what he saw, Nathaniel Jr. was able to spell out the letters of a nearby sign: F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E.

Okay. So now grandma knew there was a furniture store nearby, but that still wasn't enough to go on, which frustrated Nathaniel Jr. to no end. "He said to me, 'Grandma, use your active listening skills!'" said Hardy-Blackman. Then he mentioned that they were close to a tunnel. AHA! Mom and grandma figured out that the car was near a store called Furniture 22 on New Jersey's Route 22, and an ambulance was on the scene in minutes -- most likely saving Nathaniel Sr.'s life. (He's currently in intensive care.)

Nathaniel Jr. doesn't know how sick his dad got in the car or how seriously ill he is now. "He just thought his dad needed help. He’s not aware of the full severity of the situation," said his mom.

But the 5-year-old does know that he was able to help his dad, and that's something he can always be proud of. Also, have I mentioned he has the cutest smile in the entire world? Just watch:

What a sweet kid!

Do you think your kid would know how to describe his surroundings in an emergency?


Image via Huffington Post

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