Rich Moms Hire Disabled 'Family Members' So They Can Cut Lines at Disney

Disney World Cinderella's CastleWow. Just when you think nothing can surprise you: rich Manhattan moms are paying actual disabled people to pose as family members so their little poopsies don't have to wait in those mean old lines at Disney. Can you even??!

Some seriously shameless woman told the New York Post that she paid a "Dream Tours" guide to escort her, her husband, and kids (a 1-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl) through Disney World riding a motorized scooter with a “handicapped” sign on it. Much to their joy, the "family" got to head straight to the handicap entrance of every ride, bypassing all those schlubs without a crippled, fake Aunt Ida. THE MAGIC OF DISNEY, FOLKS.


I understand that it's fun to be able to avoid the lines. Rides = fun. Lines = no fun! I loved it when, after splurging on the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique a couple of years ago in Disney World, a few times the ride people ushered my newly coiffed and sparkled daughter, dressed in her Cinderella gown, to the front of the line with a, "Right this way, princess!" It was AWESOME! She felt like a real princess. Even awesomer was the one night we managed to stay up late and go to the Magic Hours, when Disney is only open to people staying in the Park (or something like that). We went on Thunder Mountain four times in a row! Four times, I say!

But the rest of the time? We walked, we waited in line, we went on rides, we got hot, we waited in line, we tried not to get cranky, we met characters, we saw fireworks, we drank water and ate expensive ice cream, we waited in line, and we basically had a blast. Yes, we got tired and overheated sometimes, but we did not cheat our way to the front, using a disabled fake relative to do so. Forget about how rude it is too everyone else (which, for reals). Let's just talk about what kind of a horrible lesson parents like this are teaching their children: it's totally fine to cheat and lie and use your money in order to avoid doing something slightly unpleasant that's part of the whole, amazing experience. Honestly, have they watched NO Disney movies? Douchey maneuvers like this never pay off in the end!

So sad. It's such a fun, special treat to be able to even go to Disney at all. How about focusing on that? How about sponsoring a less fortunate family to take a trip to the land of magic, instead of teaching your kids that they're so special, the rules don't apply, and that other humans are merely there for their use? Talk about missing the whole point of Disney.

Have you ever seen people cheating to avoid a line at Disney?


Image via AndrewH324/Flickr

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