4-Year-Old Elected Mayor of Minnesota Town -- Ice Cream for Everyone! (VIDEO)

Mayor Rober TuftsRobert Tufts is pretty much your average 4-year-old. Only in addition to coloring, dancing, and playing, he's also in charge of running Dorset, Minnesota, since being named its mayor. For real. 

The town -- population 22 -- actually "elects" its mayor via a drawing at the "Taste of Dorset" festival each August. For a dollar anyone can enter the race, and last year Tufts was the winner. Since taking office, Mayor Bobbie has been wowing the community with his composure and charm.


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There's no first lady ... yet. But Mayor Bobbie does have a girlfriend named Sophia. He likes her, and he likes to fish a lot. Watch this great interview in which he talks about both.

Adorable, right? While it doesn't seem that he has any real legislative powers, wouldn't it be interesting if he did? Can you imagine what would happen if a toddler was really running the town? Since I have a 4-year-old, I have a feeling it would look something like this:

Bedtimes would officially be banished.
Tricycles lanes would be added to city streets
Parking meters would dispense candy.
Christmas would come every day.
Zoning disputes would be settled with a rousing game of Red Rover.
A city ordinance would ban adults from saying "no".
Ribbon cutting ceremonies would turn into limbo contests.
The street lights would be twinkly.
City council meetings would take place in a bounce house.
Free ice cream for everyone would be in the budget.
Lawbreakers would be sent to time-out.
The city's water would be replaced with chocolate milk.

Sounds pretty good, no?

What kind of rules would your 4-year-old make if he or she was running a town?


Image via WCCO

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