Mom Gives Birth to Baby After Adopting Her (VIDEO)

ashley fife

OMG. It's been a while since a story really moved me and gave me chills, but after hearing about how 10-month-old Ashley Fife came into the world, I'm having a tough time getting the lump out of my throat.

The baby's parents, Samantha and Jordan Fife, adopted her -- but Samantha also carried her in her womb and gave birth to her. (Yes, really.)

They already have two adoptive daughters, and when they decided they wanted to add a third child to their family, they stumbled across a nontraditional way of going about the process -- embryo donation.

Here's the amazing part -- the Fifes adopted Ashley's frozen embryo, which was one of five unused embryos leftover from a couple from Arizona, Dana and Vince Davis, who had undergone IVF.


Two of the embryos were implanted into Samantha -- and one resulted in a healthy pregnancy -- which nine months later gave the Fifes the third child they'd longed for.

Take a look at this video clip to hear their story, and to hear why the Davis family decided to donate their embryos.


Let me guess -- you're in tears, right? It's ok. I'll give you a minute.

I have to admit, I've often thought about whether or not I would ever consider donating my eggs -- and my answer has always been "no." I simply couldn't imagine knowing that I had a biological child out there somewhere who I'd never know, hold in my arms, read bedtime stories to at night, see graduate from high school, and so on and so forth. And on top of that, I always thought it would be a bit irresponsible of me, because I couldn't guarantee that my child would be raised in a loving home.

But after hearing the Fifes' story and seeing that beautiful, happy, adored baby girl, I think I'd possibly change my mind if I found myself going through IVF with leftover embryos that might not otherwise have a chance at life.

I mean, can you really think of a more beautiful gift than not only helping someone become a mother, but also allowing her to experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth? I really can't imagine a more selfless act -- and it's obvious that the Davis' feel very strongly that they did the right thing by allowing the Fifes to parent their child.

And after seeing Ashley with her parents, it's so obvious that she was not only meant to be -- but that she was supposed to be their daughter. (Ooh! I just got the chills again.)

Would you ever consider embryo donation?


Image via KPTV

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