Dad Complains About Sexist 'Hey Babe' Stickers for Kids & Discovers Most Americans Have No Problem With Street Harassment

lego constructionAs a parents, one comes to expect certain standards from the companies which manufacture the toys we waste our children's eventual college funds purchasing: Durability (hopefully); the capacity to entertain our kids for brief intervals ... maybe even teach them stuff! At the very least, we assume the playthings we buy our kids will be appropriate. So you can imagine the shock Massachusetts dad Josh Stearn experienced when he realized the package of LEGO stickers he bought his 4-year-old son included the image of a construction worker waving and shouting “HEY BABE!”

Stearns posted photos of the stickers online, writing: “I was so disappointed to see the brand affiliated with a product that normalized street harassment and cat-calling."


A pretty awesome thing for a dad of two sons to do, if you think about it. Now there's a man who must be raising his boys right! They might actually RESPECT women someday, can you imagine?!

Anyway. Two rather surprising things happened next. First, a representative from LEGO contacted Stearns to apologize for the sexist construction guy cartoon, explaining that the stickers had been licensed by a separate company called Creative Imagination and were discontinued in 2010. Nice! Gigantic corporations don't go out of their way to say "sorry" to individuals on a regular basis.

The second surprising thing was not so nice, unfortunately. See, the public didn't have as positive a reaction to Stearns' complaint as LEGO: Commenters all over the internet slammed the dad for being an "oversensitive" and "silly" jerk with nothing else to do all day but complain about "fluff."

Well, that's disturbing, huh? People actually went out of their way to criticize this concerned dad for being ... concerned about a sticker normalizing sexual harassment?!

I guess that clears up the question of "who buys this crap, anyway?" Lots of people who think cat-calling is perfectly acceptable. Hmm, wonder if their boys will grow up respecting women?

Do you think this dad was right to be concerned about the cat-calling LEGO stickers?

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