Mom Who Gives Birth in Store Parking Lot Teaches Us How NOT to Have a Baby (VIDEO)


Soooo, did you hear about the mom who gave birth in a Sam's Club parking lot because she and her husband couldn't make it to the hospital in time?

Yep, Josephine and Fritz Rosales were all set to head to the hospital when she went into labor, but then they ran into a series of problems that ultimately led to Fritz pulling into the parking lot of Sam's -- and delivering the baby himself.

And it all started with an empty tank of gas. (Of all things!)


When they got into the car, they realized they were literally running on empty, so Fritz had to stop at a gas station to fuel up before continuing on the road.

And you'll never believe what happened next.

Take a look at this video clip to hear the whole story -- and why they wound up at Sam's.


OMG. Did these poor people have the cards stacked against them or what?!? It's like all of the forces in the universe were working together to make sure they didn't reach the hospital before their little one made his entrance into the world.

And can you even imagine what must have been going through Fritz's mind upon realizing he was going to have to be the one to deliver his own baby? 

One thing's for sure, if this couple ever has another child, I'm sure they'll be a lot more prepared the next time around. In fact, their story serves as a great reminder to other expectant moms as far as the list of things they need to do to be ready as their due date approaches.

  1. Fill up the car -- For crying out loud, as soon as moms are a few weeks out from delivering, they should make sure their gas tank is full (or at least halfway full) at all times. I'm sure Fritz and Josephine are kicking themselves for not checking their tank ahead of time.
  2. Plan an alternate route -- It must have been awful for these poor parents to have to sit there in the car while stuck waiting for two trains. Having a couple good routes to the hospital mapped out is probably a good idea -- just in case.
  3. Keep supplies in the car -- No matter how far ahead of time you leave, it still can't hurt to keep a first-aid kit, blankets, towels, and other supplies in your vehicle in the unlikely event that you wind up having to deliver your baby in a parking lot, side of the road, or wherever. Better safe than sorry, right?
  4. Don't forget about dad -- In the event that number three does happen and your husband winds up playing doctor, it might not be a bad idea to keep a few things in the car for his sake as well. You know, like smelling salts in case he faints, a paper bag to hyperventilate into, and maybe a cooler of cold beer to take the edge off once junior arrives.
  5. Always remember your wallet -- OMG. What if this couple had gone to the gas station and realized they didn't have any money to pay for it? What then?!? Oh, and worst case scenario, at least if you bring it and you do wind up delivering in a parking lot, someone can run in and pick up the supplies you may or may not have remembered to pack in your car.

Do you have a checklist for making sure you're ready to go to the hospital?


Image via CBS13

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