12-Year-Old Brat Calls Out Cop for Parking Illegally (VIDEO)

police officerWe all want to raise kids who stand up for themselves and for justice in this world, but how far exactly do we want them to go in doing so? A 12-year-old boy who goes by the name of Jeremy Drew is sparking some pretty strong debate about this after a video he took has gone viral.

In the video, he approaches a Las Vegas police officer who he saw park illegally on a sidewalk not to save lives, or answer a call for help, but to get a soda. With his camera on, you see Jeremy approach the officer and politely but persistently ask him why he did it. "Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk?" he asks. "Is it like an emergency or anything?"

When the officer ignores him, Jeremy asks for his badge number.


When the officer asks him why, Jeremy responds, "Because I have a right to." Eventually the officer just rides away and never gives Jeremy his badge number.

With more than 3.4 million views of the video since it was posted last September (and was posted on Reddit this past weekend), people are split as to what they think. Some think Jeremy is a hero and are offering up all sorts of kudos for him and slamming the officer. Personally, I think the kid is just a brat who wanted to stir up trouble. He clearly was looking for his shot at Internet fame, and he got it.

The officer wasn't doing anything really wrong, and if he wanted to run in and get a soda, it's not a matter of national security. Should he have given him his badge number? Probably so, but beyond that, I think this cop handled Jeremy and his annoying inquisition reasonably well, and that Jeremy needs to learn a thing or two about respecting those in authority.

Watch for yourself and see what you think.

Do you think Jeremy was being a good citizen or a brat?


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