Woman Delivers Twins Aboard Moving Train Twice in 4 Years

trainThe odds of giving birth on a train have got to be pretty high, especially when you're delivering twins. The odds of giving birth to twins on a train twice have got to be astronomically out of this world, yet that's just what happened to a woman this weekend.

According to UPI, it was about four years ago that Zubin Nisha and her husband Habibullah were traveling aboard a train when their twins -- a boy and a girl -- were born on board. So this time when it was time to head to the hospital, they hopped aboard a train again, probably thinking there was no way it would happen again. But it did.


This past weekend they were traveling on the Kushinager Express from Mumbai, India, to a hospital in Gonda to deliver their twin boys. The boys had other plans, however, and Zubin went into labor right there on the moving train ... again. Passengers reportedly helped dad deliver them, and all are said to be okay. Habibulla told the UPI:

I am very thankful to Allah and my fellow passengers who helped me a lot. Well, indeed this is some sort of a record, but what can I say. I can call this a rare blessing of God almighty that my kids come into this world in such a manner.

Wow, what a ride! Personally I don't think I'd consider it a blessing to give birth on a train even once, but it's great that everyone seems to be healthy and fine. And what birth stories they all have to tell.

The big question, however, is if she's ever pregnant again, would this woman dare even set foot on a train? I'm thinking she may want to look into the bus schedule.

Can you imagine giving birth on a train?


Image via chat chavan/Flickr

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