9 Spooky, True Stories of Paranormal Experiences During Pregnancy

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Do you believe in paranormal activity? If so, do you believe it increases during pregnancy? Some say the unborn are in a transitional phase between the spirit world and the physical world and may have guardians nearby. Others believe all the senses are heightened, including the sixth sense.


Me, I tend to be pretty skeptical about these things. My feeling is that pregnancy is a time when hormones, biology, and brain chemistry are out of whack, and sleep disturbances and intense forgetfulness are just par for the course. Things that go bump in the night when there's a bump on your belly? Nahhhh, that stuff's just made up to sell more horror movies. *waves hand dismissively* 

Of course, my paranormal pooh-poohing lasted about halfway through this list of creepy tales from moms who are convinced they experienced something outside the range of scientific explanation during their pregnancies. I don't believe in ghosts ... but I can't lie, these stories gave me the willies.

Ever since I've been pregnant, I've been having terrible dreams like many other pregnant women. However, I have been waking up every night between 3-4 a.m., often feeling uneasy with a sense that I'm being watched. Yea, I know it sounds silly. (...) I had a dream last night that I was awakened in the middle of the night to a demon (half-human, half-goat), licking my feet. I woke up ... and saw nothing there. -- Manda 

Four months into the pregnancy, I decide to start on the spare bedroom, turning it into a nursery. My first concern was that it was always cold in there. I had seals put on the window and heavy blinds, hoping it was just some breeze coming in -- but it made no difference. I think it was around this time that the rest of the house was starting to come alive as well. Doors on the cupboards would be open when I walked in the kitchen, bedroom wardrobes would be open and even clothes off the hangers inside. The TV would turn on when I would be outside. -- Megsy

Since I learned I was pregnant, I have a constant feeling of being followed and being watched. It's a very odd feeling I have never really experienced seriously. It happens mostly in the hallway of my house, where all the rooms connect. -- Apophysis

I am currently pregnant and recently started hearing whispering in my ear. When I was pregnant with my eldest son I would hear voices all the time. The voices would wake me up and it always seemed like someone left a radio or TV on in the other room but that was never the case. This morning I heard a loud shhhh-ing in my ear. -- Wend

We have been having some strange occurrences going on around here, specifically the strong scent of flowers out of nowhere and Sadie (our Chihuahua) going ballistic and staring at nothing, well at least nothing that we can see anyways. It has happened several times in the last few months. Almost every night between 3-4 a.m., Sadie starts staring at different parts of the house (one spot on different nights) and starts barking wildly. The only thing that I can think of that has changed is that my wife is pregnant ... -- weller

Not trying to sound crazy, but since I've become pregnant, my cats have gone nuts and both my husband and I have been hearing strange noises in our home and last night it scared the hell out of us. We were both laying in bed sleeping last night and around 3:40 a.m. we heard a loud high pitched whining noise coming from the living room. My husband was spooked and went investigating around the house and found nothing. I was too scared to leave the room! We have no appliances or cell phones or anything that could make a noise like that. Just weird odd noises that we can't explain. We've lived here five years and have never had any occurrences until I became pregnant. -- Maf07

I am pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy, I was forever being woken up at 3 a.m. to TVs, radios, and toys, being turned on by themselves. After I had my daughter, it all stopped. Now I am pregnant again small things are happening to make me think it is starting again. The other day I got chills on my arm in the shape of fingers and last night right before I fell asleep something flicked my hand. -- Julien

As my pregnancy moved further along, the more activity I noticed. Most nights, I would be startled awake, yelling from what I assume were nightmares, but eventually these nightmares took a more distinct form. I started to wake up during the night and see strange figures pacing around my bed. One night in particular, a long, flowing, white figure, with black, empty, swirling eyes, entered our room from the living room and drift toward my side of the bed. Out of fear, I turned toward my boyfriend, who was fast asleep. As I lay there with my eyes plastered open, wondering what to do next, the figure glided slowly around the bed and toward my boyfriend before vanishing in midair. -- Meg

I was about three months pregnant at the time (...) I had just turned off the light, and my eyes did their usual 'wander randomly at things in my room,' which helps me fall to sleep. But this night, my gaze was drawn to the center of the room, about two feet from where I lay, and there I saw (or thought I saw) a patch of air that seemed thicker and darker than the rest. I am quite curious by nature, so I stared at it more intently, and then realized it was in a humanoid shape. I felt myself suddenly overcome by fear, and I moved quickly to flick on my lamp. (...) My partner and I saw the figure countless other times, always standing immobile in the centre of the room, and to my recollection always accompanied by feelings ranging from 'creeped out' to absolutely petrified, though there was never much of a feeling of it during the day. -- Firice

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