Boys Bully 6-Year-Old Classmate By Shoving Things in Her Underwear (VIDEO)


Anytime I hear about an elementary school student being bullied, it always tends to make me more than a little bit irate. But the case of a 6-year-old who had wood chips put in her underwear by classmates about made me scream at the top of my lungs.

When Cirildo Rodriguez's daughter came home from Webb Primary School in North Austin, Texas, her mom went to help her change out of her clothes -- and found wood chips in her underpants. She asked how they got there, and the little girl explained that two boys pulled open her pants on the playground and put them there. And she didn't tell any of her teachers because she was too afraid. (OMG. The poor little thing!)


And if that's not terrible enough -- the school isn't doing a damn thing about it.

You can hear more about what happened in this video clip.


Are you believing this? Why on earth aren't those boys being reprimanded for their actions? How are bullies ever supposed to be stopped if schools basically teach them that there are no repercussions for their behavior?

As the mom of a first grader, this little girl's story makes me especially angry, because there's a kid at my son's school who bullies girls in a similar manner. He slaps them on the butt. He tells them to "strip down." And he's pushed or hit a couple little girls on more than one occasion too.

But from what my son and other parents have told me, so far, the school really hasn't done anything to punish him. He gets sent to the principal's office practically every day -- but that's it. And I haven't jumped in and said anything thus far because the incidents have not involved my son, so I really don't feel as though it's my place.

However, if this boy ever so much as lays a finger on my kid -- I'm walking into that school and demanding that he be punished, suspended, or possibly even expelled. There's no way he's ever going to learn how to behave if he doesn't suffer the consequences of his actions -- and the same goes for those boys on the playground in Texas.

Bullies will keep bullying as long as they get away with it. And it's our job as parents and teachers to let them know that improper or inappropriate treatment of a fellow student will not be tolerated.

Has your child encountered bullies? What have you done to address the situation?


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