Paris Jackson's Mom Comes Out of the Woodwork Just When Her Daughter Needs Her Most

Paris JacksonAs the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial kicks off today, it looks like Paris Jackson is reaching out to her mother for some support. The teenager spent her April 3 birthday with her mom Debbie Rowe, where the two were photographed for the first time since Paris was a toddler. The duo reportedly went shopping and then to a sushi dinner. Sounds like a pretty decent birthday to me.

As you may know -- Paris and Debbie haven't always had this kind of relationship. More than 10 years ago, Michael Jackson's ex-wife gave up her parental rights completely. However, since Michael's death, the newly-reunited mother-daughter pair have been spending more and more time together.

There's no doubt that they have a lot of things to make up for, and in my eyes, it's never too late to create a good relationship between a mother and her daughter.


The fact is that none of us can change things that have happened in the past. Being absent for the past 10 years, Debbie's missed a whole slew of major life milestones for Paris. Her baby girl is now this emerging young woman with her own personality, style, friends, and habits. So much of her development has happened in the public eye where she was missing a mother-figure to learn from.

While we don't know how close the two have gotten since they reconnected, we do know that the effort is there. Debbie is clearly trying to be a part of Paris' life. Sure, she can't go back to the time that Paris had her first crush or bought her first pair of high heels -- but she can be there for the future.

She can be there through this trial and all of the drama that comes with it. She can be there when Paris drives for the first time. She can be there to talk to Paris about going to college. She can be there for her wedding day. As if with any mother/daughter duo, what's important is to value the time they have together now and make the best of it going forward.

Do you think Debbie is making the right choice reconnecting with Paris? Do you think it's possible to make up for lost time?

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