7-Year-Old's Singing Voice Is Amazingly Beautiful but Parents Shouldn't Try to Make Him a Star (VIDEO)

Alrich Llyod TalondingTo say that 7-year-old Aldrich Lloyd Talonding has a voice like an angel is not just a cliched overstatement. Hearing the words come out of his mouth will blow you away, plain and simple.

A video of the elementary school boy from the Philippines singing Luther Vandross' song "Dance With My Father" while his cousin, James, accompanies him on the guitar has gone viral, wowing people around the world. Watch it after the jump, and you'll see why.


Amazing right? He's being called "The Next Justin Bieber," and folks are waging a campaign to get the duo on Ellen DeGeneres' show. While I think he definitely deserves such exposure, I also fear that exposure for him.

I've often wondered what I would do if my children showed such an exceptional talent. Would I encourage them to take it and soar as high as they could with it in the public eye, or would I try to steer them away from fame and all of its trappings?

I look at those like Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and others who have found fame young and gone on to self destruct (or are in what seems to be the direction of self destruction in Bieber's case), and I know I would fear it. We can always tell ourselves our kids will be different, but there are no guarantees, and so many tragic examples of those who have gone before.

If, when they were older, that's what my children truly wanted, I would support them all the way, but to push them into fame at such a young age is just too much I think. Of course, neither of my kids seems to be able to carry much of a tune, so it's not really a decision I'll probably have to make. I just hope Aldrich's parents don't let the lure of fame get in the way of whatever may be best for their son.

Would you encourage your child to be a famous musician?


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