Military Dad Surprises Son at School Because That's What He Needed Most (VIDEO)

dad surprises son at schoolMilitary dad of four Phillip Patrick has been away at naval base Kitsap for eight months. The last time he saw his youngest child was 24 hours after the baby was born. But the child who'd had the most trouble with Patrick's absence is his son Jaxin. So when Patrick returned, he made a special surprise visit -- to Jaxin's math class!

I think the boy's teacher must have spotted Patrick sneak into the room, because right at that moment, she called on Jaxin to come up in front of the class and demonstrate something about the math lesson. Jaxin still doesn't see his dad until he's at the front of the room and calls out his name. And then -- oh, you just have to see it.

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That little gasp Jaxin gives when he sees his dad -- that just killed me. It was such a small, quiet moment. No drama, no yelling or whooping. But you could tell this meant the world to the little guy.

"He's had the hardest time out of all of the kids of me being gone, and every time I talk to him I can tell, you can just hear it in his voice, so that was really, really special for me to be able to see that," Patrick says, tearing up himself. (Aww!) "To be able to surprise him and see him like that." What a sweet dad to notice that his son had missed him so much and needed a little extra love from him. That is just so slaying me right now.

Best day at school, ever! I'm sure Jaxin will never forget this moment. It makes me smile to think of how much he'll enjoy spending time with his dad.

Can you tell how your kids are feeling just from the sound of their voice over the phone?


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