Little Girl's Surprise Reunion With Her Soldier Dad Is a Total Tearjerker

military reunionWar can be hell and not just for those fighting it. There is no clearer proof of that than all of those tear-filled family reunions of our service men and women coming home. This latest video is one of the best I have seen. You won't be able to keep your eyes dry as this adorable little grade-schooler realizes her daddy made it home safely from the war. Take a look!


It's so sweet listening to the dad approach the classroom door, not quite sure how to pull off his surprise. "I guess I will just walk in," he says. That's all he needed to do. As soon as his daughter saw who it was, she ran into his arms. It's the most emotional embrace I have ever seen.

As a parent, I can't help but think of my own child when I see a video like this. When I leave for a long trip, my child gets so sad that he cries. Then when I return, he's so overjoyed that I am back and runs to give me a big hug. That separation is just a blip in time compared to what these kids endure. For them, it's not just about missing your parent, it's also about fearing they may not return alive. That is a scary reality for a child to face. You can tell by her intense grip around her father's neck that she is overwhelmed with emotion and relief at having him safely near her once again. It truly is an amazing moment and a very special reminder of what kids of enlisted men and women go through.

Do you think war is especially hard on the children of service men and women?

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