Friendly Neighbors Help Woman Deliver Baby on Her Front Lawn -- So Much Better Than a Block Party! (VIDEO)

baby born on front lawnHeather Telford was pregnant with her third son. After being induced with her first two pregnancies, this time she wanted something less painful and planned to let birth happen more naturally, albeit with an epidural once labor kicked in. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

When her labor pains came on, they came on fast. "By the time I was done eating, I had a pretty hard contraction and stood up and decided, ‘I think I might need to push. It seems like it's time,'" she told KSL.

So she and her husband headed out to their van to go to the hospital, but they never made it. 


Not only did she not have time to get to the hospital, she never even left her own front yard. So on April 13, Peyton Telford arrived into the world on the front lawn of his family's home. Telford told the station:

He was coming, right there. So I pulled my swimsuit bottoms down and lay down on the grass, and about five minutes later, he was born.

Neighbors were there to help her and her family, and you can only imagine the scene on that street. So much more exciting than any old block party! 

Of course, now she has to face all of those helpful neighbors, which has got to be more than a little embarrassing. "I pulled my pants down in front of my whole street!" she said.

Seriously, I look out at my front lawn, and I just can't imagine. I suppose there are worse places to give birth, but wow. Fortunately, however, little Peyton, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and his mom are both doing well now, which is all that really matters. And what a birth story they have to tell.

Where is the craziest place you can imagine giving birth?


Image via KSL

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