Dad Dukes It Out With Hungry Alligator to Save His 6-Year-Old Son's Life (VIDEO)

alligator boyWhat would you do if your child were attacked by an alligator? Would you scream and panic, or would you jump in and fight off the beast? Six-year-old Joey Welch was getting ready for a canoe ride with his dad, Joseph, when he fell off the pier. Right after he splashed into the shallow water, Joseph heard a scream and saw that an alligator had Joey's arm in his jaws!

"I went in it and there was a splash. The alligator just swam into me and clamped my arm," Joey later said. Worse, the alligator started dragging Joey down into the water. How could Joseph free his son without risking tearing off the boy's arm?


Joseph says he immediately jumped into the water and started punching the alligator. But what really saved the day was another onlooker risking his life and jumping in to help. "This good Samaritan kicked the gator underneath the belly about three to four times, and the gator decided after getting kicked and punched, he finally released him and I was able to get my son and walk to shore," Joseph said.

And little Joey escaped with his life and just a few scrapes and cuts! It's terrifying how close he came to losing his arm, or worse. "He could have squished my son's arm like a cracker!" Joseph says. Thank goodness that didn't happen -- and that Joseph had backup. We don't know who this good Samaritan was, but he's a big hero. Stepping in to help save someone else's child takes courage and compassion.

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What would you do to thank a stranger who helped save your child's life?


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