Mom Ticketed for Walking in Street With Baby

Talk about mom brain. A mother in Atlanta was ticketed by police after she stepped into the street and was "bumped" by an oncoming car -- all while she was carrying her 2-year-old child. The two were rushed to the hospital but were released uninjured. The mother was then ticketed for being in the road with her toddler. She says she was chasing after a bus and had only stepped into the street. Should she have been ticketed for clearly having a mom moment?


We've heard all kinds of stories about otherwise good parents who become distracted and unwittingly put their kids in dangerous situations. There was the mom who dropped her baby from his basket and he rolled onto the pavement. The mom whose baby rolled off her bed during the 30 seconds she was out of the room.

Oopsie daisies like this aren't solely the province of mom either. And some of them end up tragically -- like this dad who backed over his 10-month-old in the driveway.

So, comparatively speaking, this mom and her toddler, who ended up okay, were lucky. Except for that ticket. That's gotta sting.

You're already in the hospital with your 2-year-old, feeling like the absolute worst mother in the world, when the cops come in and write you out a ticket for being in the road. Said an Atlanta police sergeant:

It was a very dangerous situation and it could’ve been more serious than it was.

Hmm, I wonder if the sarge has ever had to navigate the city streets with a toddler -- and no car? Maybe he'd be a little more sympathetic otherwise.

On the other hand, should there be zero tolerance with parents bringing babies in the street? Most parents I see are supercareful, and wait patiently with their kids for lights to change, even if there's no cars coming. They want to teach their kids to wait for the light. That way they'll hopefully do it on their own when they're older. But I can see running for the bus, not thinking, and unthinkingly stepping into the street for a moment.

No word on how much the ticket was, but hopefully it was something the mom could afford.

Do you think this mom should have been fined?


Image via Eli Brown/Flickr

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