Police Officer Replaces Little Girl's Stolen Bike -- & Teaches Her to Ride It

new bikeHere's the crummy thing about having your bike stolen: It's gone now. One day, you're riding through the park on your cool bike, streamers flying in the breeze; next minute that biking joy is gone for you. That's what happened to poor Bella Sanchez the other day. Her mother, Nina, was just about to take her for a bike ride when she noticed her daughter's Minnie Mouse bike (a gift from Santa!) and her jogging stroller had been stolen.

There were tears. "To say we were heartbroken would be an understatement," Nina said in a Facebook post that's since gone viral. But then, an Officer Khor called Nina back to say he was on his way -- with a new princess bike! And this story get even better.


Officer Khor not only brought a bike in Bella's favorite colors, he also taught her how to ride it! "This is kindness and selflessness at its finest," Nina gushed on Facebook:

This officer went well above his call of duty and took the time to make a little girls day. I can not fully express how grateful I am. He has left such an impression in our hearts, and am thoroughly impressed with his generosity. Thank you once again Officer Kohr.

How sweet! It's certainly not a police officer's duty to replace every bike that ever gets stolen. There are just too many bikes stolen every day. But something about Bella's story must have touched this officer. And it's incredible that he also taught her how to ride that bike, too. 

This happened in Oxnard, California. And in the comments section, other people chimed in to say they'd received acts of kindness from their police officers, too. I think Bella will always remember the police officer who replaced her bike and taught her how to ride it. With that act of kindness, this man planted a seed in her mind -- this is how you build a strong community. This is how you change the world for the better.

Have you ever received an act of kindness from your local police or fire department?


Image via Oxnard Police Department/Facebook

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