6-Year-Old Gets Detention Because Parents Drop Her Off Late at School

classroomSigh. I know all schools have a set of rules that have to be enforced and are expected to be followed -- but after hearing about a kindergartner who was put in detention all because her parents dropped her off late at school, I seriously want to scream.

When 6-year-old Brooke Loeffler arrived her school, Olympia Elementary in San Antonio, late for a third time, she was punished by being sent to detention -- something the school district insists her parents signed off on.


Apparently at the beginning of the year, all parents view the school's tardy policy, explains Steve Lindscomb, director of public information for the Judson Independent School District.

He says, "Each year, parents are asked to look over the policy and sign it. We have the document that they (Brooke's parents) signed off on, and they also signed for the detention to go on."

Because Brooke couldn't stay after school to serve her detention, she was permitted to split it into two days over her lunch period. Her father sat with her one day, and her grandmother on the other -- but that doesn't change the fact that an innocent kindergartner was reprimanded and forced to sit in detention all because of something that was totally out of her control.

Yes, it's important for students to show up to school on time. But what the heck is a 6-year-old supposed to do if her parents are running late? Grab the car keys and drive herself to school?

Brooke's parents, Erika and Brad Loeffler, understandably think their daughter was treated unfairly, and who can blame them? Erika even volunteered to help out and do work at the school in lieu of her little girl being punished, but she was still given detention.

And if the same thing ever happened to my son, I swear I'd absolutely lose it.

He's in first grade now, but I can recall one day last year while he was in kindergarten, I spaced out and forgot to put him on the bus. No, I'm not a negligent parent. I'm just a human being who got side-tracked by whatever I was doing and didn't notice the minutes ticking away on the clock. (Happens to the best of us.)

As soon as I realized my mistake, I immediately drove him to school, and thankfully, they couldn't have been nicer about it, and told me it was "no big deal." I can't even imagine them punishing him for my lack of punctuality, and if they had -- well, let's just say I would've had some choice words for everyone at his school.

What happened to Brooke Loeffler is inexcusable, ridiculous, and never should have happened. Period. (Ugh. That poor little girl!)

Do you think this innocent 6-year-old was treated unfairly, or was the school simply doing their job?


Image via eyeliam/Flickr

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