Discovery of Stillborn Baby in Dirty Hospital Laundry Is Sad & Shocking

flowerIn today's absolutely horrifying news, the body of a baby was found in a laundry service recently. The baby had been stillborn at 22 weeks, and the Minnesota hospital is still a little unsure as to how this "terrible mistake" happened. Apparently, the baby boy had been wrapped in linens and was mistook for dirty laundry and sent off to a cleaning service. The boy was first delivered to the morgue and then, somehow, was accidentally transferred to the laundry service.

"This is a terrible mistake, and we are deeply sorry," Chris Boese, the hospital’s chief nursing officer, said in a statement. "We have processes in place that should have prevented this but did not. We are working to identify the gap in our system, and to make sure this does not happen again."

But -- making sure it doesn't happen again won't help this baby's grieving parents.


I honestly don't even know where to begin here, or how to handle such a traumatizing and delicate subject. But I will say this: No parent -- or baby -- deserves this. No parent deserves a stillborn child -- but sadly, that's out of our hands. And no parent deserves to find out the body of their child has essentially been thrown out. That is preventable and completely inexcusable.

Mistakes happen, I know. But this really is a hard one to swallow. My heart breaks for this poor, sweet babe who never made into this world; for the way his death was handled; and for the fact that his parents' grief had to be multiplied after learning of such a horrid thing. Why does something like this have to happen? Haven't they been through enough?

Hopefully, this little boy's parents will somehow find a way to heal and move on. But the memory and trauma of this will likely never go away, and that's really sad.

What do you think of this?


Image via davedehetre/Flickr

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