Military Mom’s Reunion With Daughter Reminds Us How Hard It Is for Single Parents to Go to War

military reunionAs you've probably figured out, we are huge fans of military reunions here at The Stir. There is something so mesmerizing about seeing a child jump into the arms of a mother or father who they have not seen in six months to a year because they have been off defending our country. We recently came across one such moment that was especially heartwarming. It features a single mom being reunited with her teen daughter, and it reminds us of the unique sacrifice this particular group of parents makes. Take a look.


When single mom Army Maj. Laura Byrd arrived back in South Carolina, there was no one to greet her at the airport. But that lonely return was necessary to pull off the big surprise for her 15-year-old daughter Dejsha Tatum. Her high school helped orchestrate the surprise by telling students they were to attend a military forum in the auditorium. Dejsha had the shock of her life when one of the speakers turned out to be her mom.

It's one of the sweetest reunions that I have seen and not just because of how tightly they held each other. It's actually the teen's teary confession that really gives you a sense of how painful this separation was.

It's awful for any parent to go off to war and leave a child. But many soldiers find comfort in the fact that they are leaving them with a loving spouse. What must it be like to leave your child behind when you are a single mom? Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs in the world. So many worries, so many fears with no one to bounce things off of or share the burden with. Now add the fact that you will be deployed thousands of miles away -- that must be heartbreaking. It’s tough on both child and parent. It brought tears to my eyes listening to Dejsha talk about missing Christmas and birthdays with her mom. But I suppose that just makes the reunion sweeter for them both.

Do you think deployment is tougher emotionally for single parents?

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