19-Year-Old Calls 911 TWICE to Report His Annoying Mother

vincent valvoSeems like more and more people are totally misunderstanding what 911 is meant for -- true emergencies. Not for a divorce or because you're annoyed with your mother. And yet, the latter is disturbingly the reason a 19-year-old in Vero Beach, Flori-duh named Vincent Valvo called 911 recently. He actually called twice to complain that he "didn't like how his mom was talking to him." OMG. And we thought the divorce one was the height of craaaazy!

Thank goodness the police refused to take this one lightly. They showed up outside his home at 4:30 a.m. and arrested him for "abuse of 911." Faaaantastic.


Local news source WTSP reported that authorities warned the teen after his first call that he shouldn't contact 911 for non-emergencies. But when he refused to listen and made the second call, they had no choice but to lay down the law.

Unsurprisingly, the police report says Valvo smelled like alcohol and was exhibiting slow and slurred speech when they arrived. He was released from jail Thursday afternoon after posting $500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court next month. But wait, there's more. Brace yourself. According to the Sun-Sentinel, this was the kid's THIRD booking in the past year. What in the world?! Hopefully not all for faux, irresponsible 911 calls ... Yeesh.

While I can't help but chuckle -- I mean, who could? -- at the cause of Valvo's arrest, it's all sorts of nuts that this is becoming something of a trend. People like Valvo need to think about how they'd feel if they were in a real emergency and had no 911 to call or weren't taken seriously because they cried wolf. Sounds like Valvo's mom may not be the best suited to get that through her son's thick skull, but, hey, maybe the police will?

What do you think is going on with all these wacky 911 calls?

Image via Indian River County Sheriff

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